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What People Have To Say

When it came to creating an internet discussion forum, I knew that I would need a partner that could understand software, fix coding issues, troubleshoot networking, and would get along with the members our new forum would attract. I could only think of one person to fit that need, and that person is Kris Suchdeve.

I had gotten to know Kris over a few years from interacting on forums we were both active on, along with his depth of knowledge of most things technical. My faith and trust in him have been paid and rewarded more times than I can count with dealing with different hosting companies, and the occasional blip in our site software. I have called on him many times for a fix, even at times I know for a fact that he would rather have been doing something else, but he has always stepped up and fixed the problems without hesitation. This trustworthiness sets Kris apart from almost any other internet consultant available.

Client Spotlight