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We are a small company based out of Tallahassee that offers its physical services to the Florida panhandle region and virtual services to clients worldwide. We offer IT services including but not limited to: IT and electrical consulting, custom Web Design and Web Development, custom built desktop computers, anything and everything home audio/video, and home networking solutions.

We strive to make sure our customers are happy and get everything they need at the best prices that are available. One of our main focuses is to serve a variety of your needs at rates you can afford. Each member of the team here strives to achieve this goal by working closely with you to ensure the highest rate of customer satisfaction. We listen to and develop the ideas of the customer, translating these thoughts into a personalized technological gateway, no matter what your needs.

Our Mission

Seminole IT, LLC is here to provide quality work at an affordable price. Our team of professionals will assure the highest level of attention to detail to the work and are not done until the customer is 100% satisfied with the work performed. We are devoted to bring technological innovations into homes and businesses in both a physical and virtual sense.

Provide Great Services At Low Prices
Our ultimate goal is to get you the lowest price possible while still getting you everything you need

Provide Top Of The Line Support
Should any problems arise, we will be there to fix them

Have 100% Customer Satisfaction
If there is any problems, let us know and we will do our best to rectify the situation

Get You The Best Products At The Lowest Prices
We will help you look around for parts and materials to ensure that you are getting the best deal


If you have an internet, web, electrical, or audio/video need or related problem, we want to help you find the solution! One of our highly skilled workers will meet with you and your team to discuss your exact needs and find the most efficient and cost effective solution possible.

Our customers always come first. We want our customers to be happy, so we always strive to get them exactly what they need, whatever that happens to be.

Want to build a custom rig but are afraid to try or don’t have the knowledge to do it on your own? Let us build a setup that meets your needs. From a bottom of the line machine built for basic tasks and web browsing, to top of the line gaming machines, the sky is the limit when building a custom desktop computer.

In conjunction with sites like Amazon, NewEgg, and eBay, we will order the parts necessary for your system. We go to different sites to compare prices to get you the best deals on the parts.. and the best thing: you get the parts at the prices we pay for them! No markup on parts, and the only charge you actually receive is the service charge for collecting the parts and building the machine.

Enjoy every second of your home audio & video experience!

Add Plugs/Outlets (Cable TV, HDMI, DisplayPort, etc.)
Media Panels & Rooms
Mount TVs and Other Equipment
Wire for Surround Sound

If you’re anything like us, you like to be connected everywhere while at home.. and have everything just work. We offer services to make your home network run effectively and efficiently. Whether you want to add a wired connection for more rooms, share content securely throughout the house, or create a home media center to enjoy all your multimedia and entertainment anywhere you are, we’ve got you covered!

It seems like everyone has a website these days. There’s no reason not to. It doesn’t matter if you are an expanding business that needs to have an easy way to get your products and services out to the public, an organization that wants to share their views and movements with a larger crowd with ease, a person that wants to document their travels around the world, or a grandma that wants to share her cooking recipes with friends and family. With affordable rates and a wide variety of services and technologies to use, you will get exactly what you need and nothing of what you don’t.



  • Standard Rate – $50/hr
  • $400 for basic design and development
  • Starting at $100 a year for hosting and domain registration


  • Consulting – $75/hr
  • Home Audio/Video – $65/hr
  • Computer Assembly & Repair – $50/hr
  • Computer Virus Removal – $50/hr


  • Standard Rate – $85/hr + materials
  • Outlets dropped in for $30 each
  • Media Panels starting at $600 (6 video + 6 ethernet)

Our Work

Our Team

  • Kris Suchdeve Kris Suchdeve Team Members
  • Chad O’Hara Chad O’Hara Team Members

What Others Have To Say

Balram, Asamai Hindu Temple

“Kris was such a pleasure to work with. He is very competent, responsive and had an intuitive sense of our needs with short explanation. He was very prompt in setting up our website and making minor changes we requested. He also provided an easy to use manual that let us do a lot of the post-launch work without his ongoing involvement. Best of all his pricing was so much more reasonable than several other estimates we had received.”

Dave, Acura Planet

“When it came to creating an internet discussion forum, I knew that I would need a partner that could understand software, fix coding issues, troubleshoot networking, and would get along with the members our new forum would attract. I could only think of one person to fit that need, and that person is Kris Suchdeve. I had gotten to know Kris over a few years from interacting on forums we were both active on, along with his depth of knowledge of most things technical. My faith and trust in him have been paid and rewarded more times than I can count with dealing with different hosting companies, and the occasional blip in our site software. I have called on him many times for a fix, even at times I know for a fact that he would rather have been doing something else, but he has always stepped up and fixed the problems without hesitation. This trustworthiness sets Kris apart from almost any other internet consultant available”

Sunny, Stylish Events

“Our company hired Kris to renovate our outdated website and the experience was an absolute pleasure. The experience was just amazing!! His attention to detail, patience, and ability to come up with solutions to unexpected problems was refreshing. After working with other (not so motivated) web developers we weren’t sure what to expect but Kris was quick to show his professionalism and priorities. He made it a point to deliver much more than we expected. Now we are able to keep update with linking our site to our social media pages, upload new content, and keep the site relevant with ease. If we have questions or need a refresher we know Kris is a quick email away. The updates to our website and the mobile version he created for us has optimized our ability to create new business by making our site much more user friendly and visually appealing. I would highly recommend using his services. We are going to revamp our sister company website and will with out a doubt are enlisting Kris’ services!!”

Holly, Plane Hopping Holly

“I was hesitant in the beginning to even consider bothering with the hassle of starting a blog. I had no idea how it worked or how to get started. However, I found the staff and services of Seminole I.T. to be extremely helpful and eager to make the process as easy as possible. I was able to create the perfect site for sharing my experiences during my year abroad as an au pair with my friends and family back home!”

Helene, Helene O'Hagan

“I needed a website to try to sell my artwork. I told Kris what it was for and how envisioned it: within 3 days of back and fourth changes and tweaks, my website was done and looked better than i could ever imagine! He made it extremely easy for me and I get compliments on the site all the time. I sold almost everything I put up and owe it all to Kris for helping me because without him there is no way I would have been able to have such a professional and maintainable site of my own!”

Sarah, Hearts With Hope

“When I learned that my daughter needed an unexpected heart procedure to correct a congenital heart defect, my mind started racing with ideas to help raise awareness and allow family members and friends to offer their support. Kris stepped in to collaborate with my ideas to create a website where I could provide updates to a large audience at one time. Kris worked effortlessly to create the site and development of an online store where I could market supporter items for congenital heart defect awareness. Working with Kris was a breeze. He has such a talent for providing innovative design and user friendly techniques that made the website a huge success! If you are looking for active promotion of a product or cause, I would highly recommend Kris for the job. He is personable, timely, dependable, and upfront with all costs and deadlines. I truly appreciate all of his knowledge database and professional charisma! Kudos to Kris!!!”

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