Home Audio/Video

Enjoy every second of your home audio & video experience!

Add Plugs/Outlets (Cable TV, HDMI, DisplayPort, etc.)

Our licensed and insured residential electrician can come in and add outlets to rooms that need them. Whatever you need to run, we can do: power for equipment; coaxial for regular digital cable; HDMI for cable, satellite, receiver, media panel.

Media Panels & Rooms

Media Panels are the spot for all of your home audio, video, and networking equipment to be routed to the rest of your house. The main receivers and equipment (cable/satellite receiver, modem and router, audio receiver for surround sound, etc.) are connected to the panel and then wires are ran throughout the house to the rooms that you want the different services to go to. Sensors are placed by the TV and other locations so that you can use the remotes for the equipment even when it’s not there in the room with you.

Mount TVs and Other Equipment

Mounting TVs can really save you room when space is limited. They also give a very clean appearance when all equipment is mounted in a separate location and out of view (see Media Panels & Rooms above).

Wire for Surround Sound

With a central audio receiver, we can wire the entire house, both indoor and out, for sound. Add switches so that audio only comes out of the speakers that you want at that time.