Home Networking

If you’re anything like us, you like to be connected everywhere while at home.. and have everything just work. We offer services to make your home network run effectively and efficiently. Whether you want to add a wired connection for more rooms, share content securely throughout the house, or create a home media center to enjoy all your multimedia and entertainment anywhere you are, we’ve got you covered!

Add Plugs/Outlets

Wireless connection won’t reach the back room? Office computer needs a wired connection and router is on the other side of the house? We can add plugs and outlets anywhere you need them! With our licensed and insured residential electrician, we will run the wiring and add outlets to rooms/locations that need them.

File/Media Sharing

With the relatively low cost of desktop computers these days, you can set up a central location to store everything (files, music, movies, home videos, pictures, etc.) and then access it from anywhere in the house.. or while you’re away. We will secure your network to make sure that only people that are supposed to can gain access to your files and media.

Media Panels & Rooms

Media Panels are the spot for all of your home audio, video, and networking equipment to be routed to the rest of your house. The main receivers and equipment (cable/satellite receiver, modem and router, audio receiver for surround sound, etc.) are connected to the panel and then wires are ran throughout the house to the rooms that you want the different services to go to. Sensors are placed by the TV and other locations so that you can use the remotes for the equipment even when it’s not there in the room with you.

Wire for Cat6

Some people just want the best speeds possible. Everywhere. For those people, we can wire the entire house so that each room has as many data outlets as needed. Your smart TVs can all have their wired connections. Your computers can all be connected directly to the network to ensure that you’re getting all that speed you’re paying your Internet provider for. Everyone’s connected and everyone’s happy.

Wireless Networking

For the larger houses and properties, you may find yourself out of range of your wireless router. Adding additional wireless access points extends the range of your wireless network to places where it didn’t reach before.