Web Development

It seems like everyone has a website these days. There’s no reason not to. It doesn’t matter if you are an expanding business that needs to have an easy way to get your products and services out to the public, an organization that wants to share their views and movements with a larger crowd with ease, a person that wants to document their travels around the world, or a grandma that wants to share her cooking recipes with friends and family. With affordable rates and a wide variety of services and technologies to use, you will get exactly what you need and nothing of what you don’t.

Look & Feel to Match Your Views

Different businesses have different needs. We will consult with the individual or business and find out exactly who they are and what they want from their website. We then plan the design and framework around that businesses needs so that the look and feel of the website are a reflection of the company itself.

Powerful & Flexible Framework

We will build your site on the powerful framework of your choice (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, etc.) to allow complete customization and control for the client. You can add pages, add menu items, add images to photo galleries and more with ease and without the need to pay a developer to make small changes to your website. Technical support is offered for more elaborate changes and/or additions that need to be made.

Strong Back End

A CMS will power your site with a strong-back end. It allows you to easily add, edit, and delete pages and menu items. You can add pictures, videos, and documents for your customers and clients to access. You can make a customer log in section where customers can sign in to gain access to certain pages and sections of your site. The best part is that you can do this with little to no experience making websites! The user interfaces are intuitive and easy to learn. If you are having a hard time, tutoring and instructional sessions will be available.

Ease of Adding Content with the Editor Interface

Don’t know HTML? Not a problem! Content can be added to the site much more quickly and efficiently with a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editors. They allow anyone to format text and paragraphs, add tables, pictures, links, etc. to any article or page. If you mess a page up, you can revert back to a previously saved copy to cancel all of your changes.

Flexibility to Extend and Expand

The number of add-ons, modules, and widgets that are available for these content management systems are almost endless. Want to display the local weather on the sidebar? There’s a widget for that! (pictured right) Want to display a coupon for a partner, but only on certain pages of your site? There’s a custom module for that! If you want your site to do something, chances are there’s already something out there that can do it. If not, we can code it so that it can happen.